Vôo solitário,
Como solitária é a noite.
Cruzo miríades de estrelas,
Mas não me encontro em nenhuma.

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Maybe it was the light -
That blazing shiny light that
Quickly burning, gently sparkling
Touched my heart right from your eyes...

Maybe just your smile -
Those sweet cherry lips slightly trembling,
Quietly filling my soul with desire,
Turning my will into your wishes...

And I could keep on looking for a reason:
The twisting color of your hair,
The way you move your perfect body,
The joyful charm of all those freckles...

But no matter what I find, what I choose,
What would ever be enough to
Explain the way I feel
From the first and each time
I had your your lips on mine?


08 Apr, 2008 - thomas - visto 41711x

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